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We bring the aspiring tales of an evergreen beverage that simmers you in the versatile flavours of India.

Packaged with care

at a FDA approved warehouse

Who are we?

A cup of tea was born over the flame of history And brewed with it a lifetime of mystery.

It is time to unravel the beauty of its soul And the tales of creation Blended to its core.

Come join us in this journey With your story of creation Let us reminisce together The taste of Reteation.

Why Reteation?

When the youthful personalities of tea echoes with the soul of creative freedom.

Lead with “soul”

Lead with “soul” of the product: Just like tea brings people together, we bring the individuality of each tea to you with – different types of tea from different regions of India.

Focus on community

An inclusive community of soulful artists and musicians coming together through the power of creativity.

Empower tea-lovers

Unleash your tea personalities with us while we make sure what you consume is 110% healthy and fresh.

Join “Reteation House” community for FREE

Sit back, relax and showcase your talent with the spirit of freedom, while we bring your artistry to the masses.

Recreation house

Recreation house

Recreation house is the story of every artist whose soul gets the freedom to express creativity through the voice of individuality and giving back to the society.

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Tea tales from the Customers


Pick your tea and immerse yourself in a freshly brewed sunset in a cup


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