Our Story

"A freshly brewed sunset in a cup - History through the taste of narration - Vibing with the rich flavour of lifestyle - Gave birth to Reteation! “

“One fine day, a road took two brothers on a trip to a visionary question. The question of how one idea stands out from the bundle of so many? How do people resonate in a heartbeat with that one idea? The endless road led to a realisation of that unique ingredient called “soul”. It’s the soul of that idea that gives an adrenaline, a personality and above all an inspiration for so many to believe in. And this connected a thought of how “tea – the soul of India”, has been an epitome of unique stories coming from different regions with its variety of flavours.That was the moment when the two brothers, one a guitarist and the other with immense love for tea stuck a chord and brought their soul dream into a reality. Together, they began a journey of reminiscing the tea history through its regional culture brewed with the community of artists and brought a unique taste on the table that we call “individuality”.

About us

Since time immemorial, tea has been an ambassador of our culture, celebrating life with each cup. From Darjeeling flavours to the Kahwah of Kashmir, each tea brings its own form of cultural beliefs and ideas. Thus, came the realisation that “Tea” just like “Art” needs a soul searching too for its story to be heard. Reteation takes immense pride to introduce a premium tea boutique with an inclusive blend of authentic flavours, creative lifestyle and a community driven by varied form of artists.

Lead with “soul”

Lead with “soul” of the product: Just like tea brings people together, we bring the individuality of each tea to you with – different types of tea from different regions of India.

Focus on community

An inclusive community of soulful artists and musicians coming together through the power of creativity.

Empower tea-lovers

Unleash your tea personalities with us while we make sure what you consume is 110% healthy and fresh.

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Sit back, relax and showcase your talent with the spirit of freedom, while we bring your artistry to the masses.


Our Vision

To be an aspirational brand from India to the world where people connect over tea, cultures, lifestyle and thoughtful living

Our Mission

Driven by culture and fuelled by tea our mission is :
To provide its customers the best quality and fresh tea leaves from India while also providing a platform to showcase Indian culture and talent to the world
Our goal is to be a brand our stakeholders can look upto

Our Promises

Reteation promises you offer you exceptional services, both in terms of the product quality and customer satisfaction. We are strongly bound by the cultural significance of tea in our community and the joy that it brings us.


Reteation offers fresh tea. The process involves tea leaves being handpicked from trusted plantations across India.


Certified and approved by prominent tea testers and ayurvedic doctors


Delivered from the tea garden to your doorstep as well as outlets near you.

Tea tales from the TEAM


“Tea has always given me a sense of positivity and unbiased self-realisation. It gives me a sense of warmth, inclusiveness and companionship . And irrespective of what my ideals thought or where I come from, there is a certain similarity between every moment where tea is the common factor in each of those conversations.“


“A simple cup of tea after a hectic day makes me feel that life is much simpler than what we make of it as adults. It is as simple as our childhood. Every sip takes me back home, to that place I belong, where love and peace has always been enough for me.“


“Chai is more than just a cup of tea to start the day. For me, it is a ritual on those rainy days, those moments when you feel high with ecstasy or low with situations around, chai has been and will always set the rhythm of life for me on a happy repose.“



Pick your tea and immerse yourself in a freshly brewed sunset in a cup


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