Recreation house

Recreation house

Recreation House is India’s lifestyle platform that showcases Indian culture and Talent to the world and also serves its society through its CSR initiatives.

Recreation house is the story of every artist whose soul gets the freedom to express creativity through the voice of individuality and giving back to the society.

Recreation house is India’s first lifestyle platform with a purpose. It will provide a platform for every creative artist be it music, arts or any form of creativity and showcase their talent to our worldwide audience and tea lovers.

Recreation House through Reteation House, Reteation will aid in uplifting the conditions of the tea estate farmers through various CSR activities. A house that will be driven by artists, admirers and contributors in unison will forge a change and bring the tea farmers the resources to live a life full of dignity and respect they deserve.

The aim will be to create a knitted community that believes in the soul behind the passion and with that passion brings the soul together to contribute to the tea society at large. This inclusive house will create magic by deep diving into the soul of every artist. Just like each tea, which comes in different flavour, taste and hue, Reteation will bring out the individuality of an artist through the beautiful synergy of creativity and the story behind it.

Recreation Housemates

Since time immemorial, tea has been an ambassador of our culture, celebrating life with each cup.


They form the backbone that makes the house sway in tunes of creativity and belong to different genres of collaborators, influencers and creators.

Join as Artist

They are the life of the house aka big part of a community who are enthusiastic supporters of art and music.

Join as Admirers

The volunteers of the house who do not budge in giving a helping hand when needed and are full of generous sponsors and donators.

Join as Contributor


A community of artist of all talents collaborating and creating the magic.



Pick your tea and immerse yourself in a freshly brewed sunset in a cup


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