Reteation at Ziro Festival

A piece of you lies within the depths of culture.

As a lifestyle-based tea company, Reteation’s goal remains to bring out the beauty of various elements of culture. To rediscover once-forgotten art forms and promote new and upcoming artists, Reteation works at multiple levels. With personal stakes especially in the music industry, Reteation hopes to offer a musical blend between the distinct flavour profile of our exotic tea blends with art, for we believe that Tea is an ultimate culture-binding phenomenon.

This year we took our creations on a little trip to a faraway fairyland; Ziro Valley. A soulful flight to Guwahati followed by an overnight road trip lands you in this majestic mountainous little village adorned with vast paddy fields and tiny wooden houses. The green-ness of the bamboo forests glisten your eyes with dew; the perfect place to take a deep breath and pause for a while. We met the tribe that lives in Ziro Village; dressed in beautiful patterns, kind souls that welcomed us with open arms and a couple glasses of perfectly fermented rice beer.

Ziro Valley hosts a well renowned music festival that attracts crowds from all across the world. Throughout the trip, we were accompanied by an absolutely fun group of people who were in their element; dancing away and singing along to the tunes that played throughout the music festival. A dream performance for many artists, along with early morning walks in paddy fields, hikes with stunning views and even fishing. The gleaming sun during the day seals a
beautiful tan on your skin and the nights were crisp and warmed with bonfires, where strangers bonded over their love for music, travel and adventure.

Ziro Festival of Music hosted a vast variety of genres; a stunning line up including Motherjane – a progressive carnatic band, Peter Cat Recording Co. – an alternative jazz music band, Baba Sehgal – an Indian Rapper, Rabbi Shergill – a Punjabi singer and many others. The Profits, Easy Wanderlings, Sapta Live were a few bands that absolutely took us away to our own world, away from reality.
We had curated a special gift Box for all our favorite artists and were beyond excited for them to try the various blends of Reteation Tea. The response from the artists left us in awe, they were completely enthusiastic about our brand and equally curious about what we had to offer. We were overjoyed to get our photos clicked with these phenomenally talented artists, and this joy doubled when they offered us their valuable feedback and support via instagram stories and DMs later on when they tried out our teas.

We also distributed some fun and quirky postcards amongst the audience. We found excited faces, asking us about what we do. The smiles widened, every time someone found out that we were a Guwahati-based company. They were thoroughly encouraged and excited to try out Reteation’s Tea Blends.

The Indian music industry has been heavily dominated by bollywood music for the past many decades, but when recent emerging trends there has been a boost of independent music artists. We would like to create an exclusive space for them to create and to grow. To create a community of people that appreciate the beauty of culture and art, accepting the path towards a slower paced healthier life.

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