(This article does not intend to promote unhealthy beauty standards in society, kindly consult a dietician before imposing strict dietary restrictions)

The idea of green tea is deeply intertwined with that of good health. If we saw someone sipping on a glass of green tea, we’d generally assume that they are somewhat of a health conscious person. A fresh green tea is an elixir of goodness, its health benefits are in abundance. Best remedy to uplift your mood after a long hard day, a luxury green tea gives you the best aromatherapy that you will cherish.

One characteristic of green tea that drives people in, is the weight loss properties in it. Organic loose leaf green tea helps with better blood stimulation. The increase of antioxidants from drinking green tea is enhanced when lemon is added to it. It burns fat that is unhealthy for the body and detoxifies your gut. You can add lemon in your green tea in the form of peels, a few drops of lemon juice or buy pre-packaged loose green tea with lemon.
The addition of lemon in your green tea fights off the free radicals in your body. This is essential for the body to keep its weight under control.

Another accompaniment to the lemon and green tea blend is honey. Along with sweetening the beverage, it also has magnificent properties that enhance gut health and digestion; which in essence stimulates weight loss to a healthy extent.

This magical mix of lemon, honey, and green tea consists of high dietary fibers that assist with removing toxins from the body. It is also known to increase your energy levels, thereby giving you the drive to exercise and stay active.

If you’re looking for a healthy beverage option to add into your routine, that coincides with quality organic tea and health benefits; we’d recommend you the two blends of Green Tea that Reteation offers. The first one is our Exotic Green Tea, rich in antioxidants and its golden hue will refresh your mind. The second blend is our Kashmiri Kahwa, a staple in the heartland of Kashmir, a flavourful health potion.