Building a Lifestyle Brand

When you change nothing, nothing changes at all,
Change your lifestyle thinking, break the wall.

Somewhere between a snail’s crawl and a horse’s gallop, lifestyle business establishments have emerged.
When most entrepreneurs are rushing after the next promotion or seeking funds for their business startups, lifestyle business owners work a bit differently.

A lifestyle business is a concept rather than a seller-buyer establishment. The founders of a lifestyle business generate an idea first and then make their business pivot around that idea. This kind of business offers products or services that contribute to the lifestyle goal of its targeted customer.

Therefore, it is clear, that a lifestyle company does not highlight products or services, but the way of life. And secondly, lifestyle businesses oscillate back and forth on a passion-driven ground. A lifestyle company creates a subset of culture, what the brand represents goes on to extend what a person consuming that product believes in, it represents their unique quirks and the way they live.

No power for change is greater than building a community Discover your soul whenever you get the opportunity

A community can be a virtual or a physical space where people of similar interests, hobbies, experiences, and goals come in contact and stick together. Embedded with a glorious passion that connects souls.

Community connection is important. When people come in contact with individuals having similar likes, dislikes, passions, life goals, and unique talents, it will turn into a soul connection rather than person to person. Whether it is about voicing your rights, flourishing your hobbies, or the pleasure to take sips of the cultural heritage of India, a community is priceless and luxurious.

With changes in trends, people have to blend with modernity. But this does not necessarily mean that they need to be oblivious about their cultural roots. Cultural roots will help them to learn their specific talents. It is the cultural essence that helps individuals to find their suitable community.

Reteation: A Lifestyle Company

When The Tales of Tea Blends With A Cup Of Creativity

A cup of tea was born over the flame of culture and history,
Put lifestyle and soul to push the blend to the extreme periphery.
Cling to roots to bring unique creation on the platter,
Eccentric mingling is everything that does matter.
A whisk together for a unique blending
The essence of Retention zinging.

India is well-known for its unique cultural diversity. The distinctive cultural blendings drive the essence of Indian heritage. Bringing lifestyle changes through Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and music therapies, are now the talk of the town.

Oops! The talk of the world fits the best.
The world is now falling head over heels for different Indian organic tea blends, Yoga, Ayurveda, and music. Not only the world, but many Indians are also now siping the pleasure of their culture after all these years of ignorance.
The fact is that all the elements of Indian culture have been around us since ancient times. When they come to the surface getting wrapped under branding and advertisement, the marketability and acceptability reach a new level.
Reteation, an online premium tea boutique, caters to bringing the finest Indian tea blends of premium quality from elite manufacturers to tea lovers.
Reteation also introduces the first Indian lifestyle platform to bring artists, musicians, creators, and creative connoisseurs together to create a cultural fusion, and creative blending leading to soul awakening.
Explore your cultural roots with us to unlock your creative zeal. Brew yourself within the flavours of the different communities of artists, musicians, tea lovers, and creative specialists to showcase your talent or support individual talents.
Just like the flavour of tea remain unknown unless it gets brewed with hot water, blend with the right Reteation community to reach maximise your creative potential.

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