A cold chill breezing into your home through the open windows, a whistling teapot warms your face, you grab a cup of spiced camomile tea to sail you through the rest of your night. As a folk remedy for relaxation, the natural health benefits of camomile tea range wide and deep. It is the best tea variety as a supplement for many ails.

The rage for camomile can be credited to the presence of flavonoids, a natural substance. Flavanoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-mutagenic in nature. Although the working mechanism of flavanoids still remain unresolved, its benefits have been recognized by various studies.

In terms of the benefits of spiced camomile tea, a study has shown a statistically drastic difference among menstruators and the way their body reacts to menstrual cramps, the anxiety surrounding it, and distress. Regular consumption of this fresh herbal tea can thus reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps to a certain extent. The science behind the charms of camomile tea helping you fall asleep faster and sleep better is a little tricky. However, testimonials from numerous people claim that drinking camomile tea at night has immensely enhanced their sleep routine. The anti-inflammatory properties of camomile tea are suspected to help promote gut health and prevent digestive issues like diarrhea, nausea, and gas.

Camomile tea is also believed to be a fresh premium tea that helps maintain blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients. Other benefits of camomile tea includes reducing the risk of heart diseases and reducing the risk of the growth cancer cells. The aromatherapeutic properties of camomile tea is believed to relieve stress and anxiety.

For most of the aforementioned benefits of camomile tea, there are not any specific study that precisely proves it , but most people through their years of experience vouch for the goodness of camomile tea. Intrigued to try a cup of spiced camomile tea?